Ch 3: Navigating Preowned Starlink: Our Journey through Deals and Disappointments

A Bargain Unearthed: Our $300 Starlink Find on Facebook Marketplace

Greetings, Tech Enthusiasts,

Allow me to recount our Starlink expedition, one that holds lessons aplenty and could potentially steer you clear of headaches and financial missteps. Imagine this: we stumbled upon our inaugural Starlink unit at an astonishingly low cost of $300, a whole three months before embarking on our thrilling RV adventure. Where did we stumble upon this treasure, you ask? None other than Facebook Marketplace. Intriguingly, the seller claimed to work at a recently internet-connected lumber site—a plausible scenario given our scenic location in Colorado. Naturally, we were overjoyed to check off this item from our list while pocketing a sweet $200 in savings! The Stark Reality: Grappling with an Unusable "Steal"

However, our excitement took an unexpected turn when we brought our newfound treasure home and set it up. A rather disheartening reality struck— the previous owner's account was still active. This led to weeks of frustrating back-and-forths as we attempted to resolve this unexpected hiccup. Fast forward three months, and the day arrived for us to transition into RV living. Sadly, our early Starlink purchase turned out to be nothing more than an aesthetically pleasing brick.

The individual who sold it to us had us caught in a loop, constantly assuring us they were working on the issues, only to leave us with a non-functional device.

A Fresh Start in Kansas: Learning from Loss and Moving Forward

Our journey back to Kansas was tarnished by the absence of a reliable network hookup and an additional financial dent of $300. However, the tale doesn't end here. Undeterred, we decided to give Starlink another shot. This time, we opted to purchase directly from the source, investing $550 for the hardware and an additional $150 for activation. (--which is now $600+tax+activation)

The lesson we gleaned from this experience was invaluable: when considering the purchase of a preowned Starlink kit, always verify the kit number within the Starlink app to ensure it can be registered. Dont make the same mistakes we made. Stay tech-savvy, double-check your deals, and may your tech adventures be smooth sailing! ✨📡 #TechTales #StarlinkStruggles

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