Ch 4.1: Fine-Tuning in Kansas: A Mechanic's Pit Stop

Analyzing Our Arrival and Planning Upgrades

After safely arriving in Kansas, we wasted no time getting into repairs. WE immediately got into the engine section of repairs. Our full checklist included installing curtains in the rear, setting up a bed platform, mounting the Starlink system, validating the electrical and water systems, and of course, giving the engine and generator a much-needed oil change. We also planned to replace some essential filters and hoses to ensure optimal performance.

Deciphering the Engine Oil Puzzle Our first priority was to tackle the engine oil and filter replacements. We knew this task would require a considerable amount of time and precision.

The Great Oil Debate Choosing the right oil for an engine built in a bygone era with tolerances designed for fuels no longer in existence was a challenge to descipher. The options seemed endless - AMSOIL, Mobil 1 synthetic, traditional Dino oil with a zinc additive, or perhaps straight Diesel oil? The debates in online forums were heated, each enthusiast advocating for their preferred choice.

Resolving the Dilemma Delving into the discussions and conducting meticulous research, we zeroed in on a pragmatic solution. It was clear that the engine's history with conventional dino oil meant transitioning to synthetic could result in potential oil leaks. We needed something with a significant zinc content to preserve the engine's functionality, especially addressing older tappet settings prone to slippage. Thus, we opted for Rotella T4 Diesel oil, a robust choice to keep our engine running smoothly.

The oil filters were much easier to descide. Everyone agreed that Wix was the way to go.

Navigating Oil Change Challenges

With the correct oil and filters in hand, we commenced the oil change process.

Unexpected Obstacles Under the Hood As we slid underneath the vehicle with the oil pan, we discovered an unexpected hurdle. A previous owner had left a broken washer on the oil pan, requiring a quick trip back to O'Reilly's to procure a replacement o-ring.

--Because a previous owner was an idiot and thought an oil leak was coming from the pan they took a pnumatic drill to it. 1st of the many moronic previous owner issues.

Tending to the Generator's Needs

Next on our agenda was the generator's oil change.

The Generator’s Lesser Demand While attending to the generator's oil change, we took a somewhat more relaxed approach. Choosing standard SAE 15W-40 oil from O'Reilly's, we leaned on the generator's robust construction, purportedly repurposed from WWII water pumps. This allowed us to prioritize our efforts for the engine, knowing the generator could endure a bit more rugged handling. Solid as a rock to this day!


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