Ch4.4: Fine Tuning in Kansas - Part 4: Water and the POS PO.

The Garden Hose Conundrum

Our first challenge was rather unexpected. The previous owner had rigged a garden hose from the water tank to the fill section, securing it in place with copious amounts of silicone and insulation for about 8 inches. By the time we got to it, the old garden hose had seen better days and urgently needed a replacement. We opted for a vinyl tube and a garden hose valve and hoped for the best. It was time to fill up.

The Leaky Tank Riddle

As we attempted to fill the clean water tank, we were confronted by yet another obstacle – it was leaking as water gushed in. After some sleuthing, we realized we needed to shut off the PO (previous owner) aftermarket drain, revealing that our understanding of the vehicle still had room for growth.

Pressurizing the Line

With the tank finally filled, we were faced with the next predicament – how to pressurize the water line. Though it seemed like a straightforward task, it posed its own unique set of challenges.

The Enigmatic SPISHHHHHHH Sound

The next issue left us scratching our heads. We heard a peculiar sound – SPISHHHHHHH – and noticed water seeping from our tires. This was certainly not part of the plan.

Addressing the Leaks

Once our water tank was brimming and the water system switched on, we stumbled upon a leak in the kitchen. To our dismay, we discovered not one but two damaged pipes beneath the sink – both the hot and cold lines had 2" gashes. This was a significant setback.

Growing increasingly frustrated and determined to avoid a complete plumbing overhaul, we scoured the internet and our local area for replacement parts or experts who could lend a hand. Unfortunately, our search yielded minimal results. After four days of fruitless endeavors, we realized that we'd have to roll up our sleeves and take matters into our own hands.

With a dash of creativity and a heaping helping of determination, we improvised a solution using braided hosing and clamps. But first, we had to remove the compromised sections, which required dexterity and precision.

The Crucial Moment

The real test came when we reactivated the water pump. The previous SPISHHHHH sound had now transitioned into a series of thuds, indicating that the water pump was building pressure. However, another SPISHHHHHHHHH emerged, this time from the back of the RV.

With an exasperated sigh and a string of choice words, we embarked on the arduous task of undoing the previous work done on the bed frame to access the source of the sound. As it turned out, the water pipe leading to the toilet had lost its seal and was patched up with hot glue and electrical tape. Our frustration reached its peak as we realized the extent of the problem – we needed to replace a whole section of the pipe.

This wasn't a straightforward task since it involved a three-section connection. After two days of hunting for the right materials, we finally had a suitable solution. The moment of truth arrived, and this time, there was no SPISHHHHH sound. It was a triumphant moment.

The Ultimate Hurdle

After hours of labor, we successfully reassembled the bed frame, thinking we were finally in the clear. However, one more challenge awaited us. We had overlooked checking the toilet and the shower. When we turned on the water supply, the toilet performed perfectly, but the shower unveiled a new issue – it was leaking.

Determined not to let this latest setback deter us, we sprang into action. With a stroke of luck, we identified the source of the problem, replaced the damaged section, and took our first shower in the RV. It was a satisfying experience, equal only to Senegal.


In the end, our water system adventure took up about a week of our time, filled with ups and downs, moments of frustration, and instances of success. Looking back, we realized we might have taken a different approach, such as starting from scratch with Pex and other modern plumbing solutions. Nevertheless, this experience provided us with invaluable lessons, and we wouldn't have known how to handle that "blank canvas" without it. It was a challenging journey that left us better prepared for the adventures that awaited in our RV life.

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