Ch 4.2: Fine-Tuning in Kansas - Engine Woes and Unveiling Secrets

Conquering Engine Challenges

Following the oil change, our focus shifted to diagnosing and addressing further issues that lurked within the vehicle. The next couple of days were a whirlwind of troubleshooting and problem-solving as we wrestled with cracked VPS hoses, all the while muttering frustrations aimed at the previous owner.

Unveiling the Beast's Hidden Quirks

Amidst the hose replacements, a closer inspection of the engine bay revealed more than we had initially bargained for. Loose exhaust pipes, missing nuts on the engine heads, and concerning pools of oil around the distributor left us in a state of dismay.

Lessons from the Engine Bay

I wasn't an engine expert, And I'm still not; my knowledge was pieced together from my father, online forums, and fellow classic car club members. However, even with my limited expertise, it was evident that the situation was far from ideal.
At the begining I thought this slightly cracked/brittle seal was important to focus on. It didnt impare the function but if a piece of the old rubber fell into the engine we probably would have had a bad time.

A Lesson in Engine Anatomy

Intrigued, we delved deeper, unearthing the intricate timing system. A chain in the front determined the timing of the heads and distributor, all needing to align in perfect sync for optimal performance. As we disassembled the distributor and tightened everything back into place, we hoped the recent oil change would mitigate the issues we had uncovered.

While replacing hosing and tearing into the heads we noticied the exhaust was missing a gasket. This was a quick fix with a pnumatic hammer. Another drive over to orileys for a gasket and we could talk again in the cabin.

Pressing Forward with Hope

Acknowledging our limited understanding at the time, we made the best of the situation, hoping the improvements we had made would lead to smoother travels ahead. Our focus then shifted towards addressing water-related aspects, determined to enhance the vehicle's overall reliability.

Stay tuned for "Fine-Tuning in Kansas - Part 3: Bed Extender with Storage and Moving a Heater," where we share the next phase of our journey in Kansas, aiming to optimize comfort and functionality for the road ahead.

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