Ch:6 Chronicles: Trials, Tribulations, and the Kindness of Canadian River Winery

"YEASSSSSSSS!!!!! We are FINALLY HEADING out for our West journey!!!! After almost a full month of tinkering around and becoming a plumber, electrician, seamstress, mechanic, and therapist, we were finally about to start our journey through America."

Setting the Course to Canadian River Winery

Our first destination, discovered through the magic of an app called Harvest Host, was Canadian River Winery in Slaughtervill, OK. Because, let's face it, the appeal of a place often lies in its name and the promise of good spirits. We set our course, snapped a few photos from the parents' house, and bid farewell to the safety net. The true test had begun—no more guarantees of a safe haven, just the open road and whatever automotive surprises it might hold.


We were here too. Also yes that is a shoe loop.

Engine Troubles and Solar Heroics

Within 30 minutes, our joyous departure was interrupted by the ominous chug chug chug of an engine threatening to throw in the towel. A shared look of panic, and Alex, in superhero fashion, activated the Battery Boost. The chugging ceased, and we continued towards the Oklahoma border.

A pitstop for the obligatory state-crossing photo revealed a new challenge – a dead house and car battery. Panic set in, but fear not, for we had two secret weapons: Solar and the Generator. The solar panel was summoned, and like a sun-charged defibrillator, it brought our systems back to life. Little did we know, by June, we'd have this hiccup figured out.

Welcome to Slaughtervill

In Slaughtervill, our arrival coincided with a local ROCK festival celebrating rock crystal formations. Picture bumper-to-bumper traffic, rock enthusiasts, and us, just wanting a glass of wine. We met the wine owner, navigated the festival chaos, and promptly bought a bottle to calm our nerves.

The winery owner, sensing our bewilderment, extended our stay beyond the usual Harvest Host one-night limit. Over wine, they shared local insights, displaying a generosity that left us in awe. "We dont have any deadlines that you need to leave for and if you need anything in town feel free to use our truck" they insisted, a kindness that set the standard for all our future encounters.

Exploring Slaughtervill and Acts of Kindness

The next day, armed with e-bikes, we explored a rock festival that turned out to be less about guitars and more about geological wonders. After indulging in fair-like fried delights, we noticed a storm brewing and pedaled back to the RV.

*At this point in our RV life, we were navigating the delicate art of finding a place to poop(we didnt 100% trust our system yet because of the horror stories we read online), resorting to the gas station next door since the winery restroom had curfew hours.*

Navi didnt have the same poop issues.

A Grateful Farewell

Despite encountering RV firsts and a leaky waste tank (Sorry to everyone following us up to Austin Texas where we finally learned how to use ur system), our time in Slaughtervill ended with gratitude. On to Dallas, where the journey continued, and reunions with friends awaited. Stay tuned for the next chapter in our RV Chronicles!

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