Ch4.3: Fine Tuning in Kansas - Bed and rerouting the heater.

Customizing for Comfort

Being 6'2" presented a unique challenge in our pursuit of the perfect mobile sleeping setup. The initial arrangement, poorly converted dual couches into a full bed, left me uncomfortably crisscrossed across the entire back section, inevitably causing some sleep-related frustrations for my partner.
If you notice in the laying down photo how her head is at a slant and we have room to slide a pillow behind it. It was like you were being craddled in janga blocks.

The Quest for a Restful Sleep

The solution was clear: we needed a new setup that catered to our specific needs. Introducing a platform with added storage, raising it by 6 inches with a sturdy leg for support, and incorporating a new full-sized bed, we finally found the optimal configuration. The added elevation and dedicated bed resolved the discomfort, allowing both of us to enjoy a restful night's sleep.

Heater Dilemmas and Ingenious Solutions

However, not every element of the original setup suited our needs. A heater positioned beneath the bed proved unnecessary and potentially problematic in its placement.

Relocating the Heater

Taking matters into my own hands, I embarked on the task of rerouting the heater, repositioning it to sit at our feet. Though the relocation was successful, I couldn't feel a substantial difference in warmth, hinting at a potential issue further down the heating system. For the time being, we decided to leave that investigation for another day.

Elevating the Bed

Our journey to enhance comfort and functionality didn't stop there. We needed to install a bed mount that would perfectly complement our revamped sleeping arrangement.

Crafting the Ideal Bed Mount

Constructing the bed mount to our specifications, we added the crucial 4 extra inches to our height and gained an impressive 8 inches in length. Aligning the ventilation system with the bed platform made a significant difference, granting us a bed equal in height to our foot storage. What was once an awkward layout, with our heads and feet raised by 4 inches, transformed into a remarkably comfy sleeping haven, tailor-made for a 6'2" individual and their dainty partner.
Stay tuned for "Fine-Tuning in Kansas - Part 4: Water and the POS PO," where we'll delve into the challenges we faced with the water system and the legacy of the previous not-so-handy owner.

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