Ch 1: Picking a Motor Home

Setting out to find our dream mobile home, we quickly discovered that the path was far from straightforward. Our journey was marked by unexpected challenges, as well as enlightening revelations. Here's our story, filled with moments that encouraged us to reflect and grow.

Exploring Facebook Marketplace

Our adventure commenced with cautious steps into the world of Facebook Marketplace. Every weekend, we diligently examined four different RV options, gradually realizing the depth of our unfamiliarity with what truly makes an RV outstanding.

After two months of dedicated searching, we came across a 2012 Georgetown RV that initially seemed to have it all. It featured luxurious amenities, such as a built-in fireplace, and was the newest model within our budget. This purchase was initially a promising step on our journey, offering us a blank canvas for future endeavors.

However, doubts began to creep in as we uncovered significant water damage during our inspection, which even affected the wiring. Fortunately, we were able to secure a refund, teaching us the importance of making informed decisions.

Embracing the Vintage GMC RV

A fortuitous encounter with a family friend's vintage 1976 GMC RV Royal provided us with valuable insights. Although the renovations for this RV seemed a little too much for us, it offered a clearer vision of our dream mobile home.

One month later, we stumbled upon a GMC RV featuring an EFI modification and a solar system—both high on our wishlist! This older model not only met our requirements but also offered cost-effective advantages. It was a reminder of the significance of practicality in our choices.

However, there was an unexpected challenge: the absence of a title. This unforeseen obstacle shifted our focus toward the logistics of our move to Kansas, highlighting the importance of adaptability.

The Triumph of Ownership

After two months of anticipation, we finalized the purchase and became proud RV owners. The experience was filled with excitement and a sense of accomplishment. Our initial days in Colorado Springs, where we had to rely on gas stations for showers and restrooms due to the lack of running water, underscored the value of life's essentials.

Our next adventure awaits us—the journey to Kansas, where our mobile home will truly come to life. We invite you to follow along, as our story continues to unfold with a spirit of openness to growth.

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